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How to put yourself under pressure.. you ask one of the great directors to pose in front of the screen at a special screening of one of his films when you know you don’t really have the kit with you nor the turn around time to set the shot up properly…..

On Saturday, John Landis presented a special screening of the “Thriller” video (I am sure no explanation of what that is needed) on the 50ft screen of The Empire in Leicester square. As I knew the technical guys had to check the tape was ok and John had been such an approachable guy all weekend, I asked for this special shot – and he agreed – as long as he had full editing control.

The shot was to take place between the screenings of two films at the Frightfest giving me about 5 or at the most 10 minutes to set-up, then shoot. Considering I wanted a particular image from the film, the film visible and John looking good, this was going to be no mean feat.

Balancing the exposure was relatively easy, allowing for Johns spectacles was not; especially as I did not have the kit to enable me to get the flash way off axis to cut the flare.

After less than 10 minutes with John and Empire One, here is the image that both he and I were happy with;