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In my last post I mentioned I was shooting Bryan Adams at The Brighton Dome (a week ago now). I was actually the only photographer which is always great as it gives exclusivity to the sales, however, I have never managed to supply the local (Brighton) press; not sure why.

The light was quite low but I managed a number of shots I was really pleased with (one follows);

Saturday and Sunday it was off to Hyde Park for the Wireless Festival. Although I have shot masses of concerts, it was actually my first two day festival. I havwe to say the guys a ldcomunications that handled the access etc were fantastic, always ensuring we got to the right stage at the right time.

The music was a real cross section and as well as getting to shoot many types of acts that I would not normally, I also got to listen to a wide range of music (some of which was fantastic and some, less so). I shot on 3 of the 4 stages;

Waiting. For the next act on Stage 3.

Alesha Dixon on the main stage on Sunday afternoon. With sunlight and a performer like this, who needs a studio. She looked and sounded fantastic.

Then the total opposite (musically), Lady Sovereign. I’m not sure how to describe her, “energetic” maybe.. She closed Stage 3 on the Sunday evening and certainly kicked up a riot…