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As you know, this week my subjects have been “intresting”.

Last Sunday I was running around Brighton, following the Naked Bike Ride. It was great fun with a wonderful atmosphere. The sun was shining and evrybody had a whale of a time. I did make life a little hard for myself though; If you watched the video below you will know I usually work with 2 cameras for events; one with a longer zoom and one with a standard zoom. Last Sunday though I tried to cover it with fixed focal length lenses at the wider end (with only one camera). For me, I missed a lot of shots! Although I was happy with my output, I did not manage to get a shot I had planned at The Pavillion due to lens choice. Lesson learned. Here is one pavillion shot though which does get the atmosphere;

Mid week it was the “Bruno” premiere and I must admit, I was nervous sharing the carpet with Sacha Baron Cohen and not knowing what he would do was a worry. I needent have. He put on a very funny show; running about all over the carpet. This made it hard to cover him and all the guests arriving and I must admit, I missed to many of the guests. However, I did get some good shots of “Bruno”.

Finally, not often I mention the films but this week “Telstar” (about the life of Joe Meek) is released. I was lucky to see this last year at a private screening and I cannot recommend it enough.