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Extremes… On Monday I was at Oxford Street HMV for the launch of “Little Boots” new album and a short performace she gave. A real sign of the times – a shop gig and 17 photographers.. On Thursday I was at Brighton Dome for Katy Perry; 3 photographers..

Here we have a huge contrast. Of course, Little Boots is an up – and – comming star, and it was in London, but 17 snappers? To give you an idea, the last concert I did at the O2 had 10 allowed.

The contrast at The Dome. Due to a recent acident they now limit the number of photographers in the pit to 3 or maximum. This makes it really nice to work but will cause an issue if a gig is oversubscribed – the time will be shared, so we could be from 3 songs (or 2 as in the case last night) down to one. How on earth are we ment to represent the concert in a single song?

Mind you, both artists are really photogenic and great to photograph. Here is an image of each.