… As I said before, Friday night I was at the O2 for Pink

Only 2 songs this time! I know it was an elaborate show and as I have said in the past, I know the audience has paid but 2 songs?! I guess if they were long songs it would be ok (say if we got 15 minutes). Someone will probably tell me we did as, to be honest I loose all sense of time when working in the pit and I was aware of the limit, I actually rattled off far more shots than usual.

The stage had a “pier” (is that what you call it) out in to the audience which made life even harder. There were 10 photographers and we were split into 2 groups; one either side of this pier. Running up and down the pier were the cameramen for the big screen plus the  security. So, we had a small area to work in, shooting over and through obsticles and it was pure luck where Pink went or how she stood on the pier which side was best. It was not an easy show to shoot.

Wow, it sounds like I’m really complaining but I’m not really, just trying to hilight what we are up against when shooting a large show. 

That said, the lights and the colours make for some great images;