… at The Royal Festival Hall

I have only been to the TFH for “classical” concerts; it is a lovely sounding venue. I must admit, I was a little concerned before arrival where we would be shooting from. It turned out right from the front of the stage, right in front of row 1. 

It must have been really annoying for those 1st 3 numbers for the audience. Most of us tried to stay low, but in the end we are being paid to do a job and we had to get the images. I did feel quite embarrassed.  I apologise if you were there and I hope the gig was as good as those first 3 numbers promised. 

I know I (just about) always comment on how good a performance is but in this case, it really was true. At the end of the first number I stopped and clapped – believe it or not, when working I have never done that before.

David wore is trademark white suit, which may look good but it is difficult to photograph without the white becoming overexposed (due to the lighting) as of course, the aim is to get the (darker) face correctly exposed. 

Did I succeed? You judge;