Before 9AM on a Sunday after a gig and I am up and writing a blog entry? Must be something wrong here.

Bloc Party at Olympia last night; wow they let a lot of press photographers in. On the plus side is the pit was nice and large with plenty of space to move around. 

I want to make a comment about the venue here, or more specifically, the venue parking. I drove up on my own last night; single woman (carrying a few pounds worth of Nikon kit) so I thought it was wise to park in the on-site multi-storey car park. I drove up and there is a guy on the entry ticket machine “That will be £15.00, cash”. As I drove up I looked for prices – none were displayed.  Sitting in my car talking to the attendant I noticed a chair covering the standard hourly rates. I refused to pay, as did the car behind me. We both reversed and drove off to find a space in the local side streets. THIS IS WRONG!  I either worry about my safety and get ripped off or I park locally. 

Back to the gig. 

In the past I have just posted a few images but feel maybe I should add some more comment about them. In part this is due to a comment a photographer made last night about my “Starsailor” images (not knowing they were mine) and how as the lighting was awful I had posted more Black and White images to save the set. 

In part, this is true but the real fact is I think “Black and White” is more “Rock and Roll”; my influences are a lot of the 1960’s band photography and I will always feel more emotion from a mono image than a colour one. Take these two images from last night;

I think the mono image portrays far more emotion and conveys more about the performer than the colour image. 

Therefore all of my sets will have monochome images. Bloc Party, I feel are a “colour” band and the set has only one or two monos but others, like “Starsailor” felt more monochrome to me…

The drummer – because it is so rare a clean shot is possible;

Finallly, a shot of the crowd; I feel that the audience at the Royal Festival Hall tonight will not be quite as rowdy!