I must admit, Shannon is a good looking guy with a nice voice. The Boarderline is a nice intimate club and the atmosphere was good too. Apart from that I could not tell you much as I tend to miss everything else when photographing – I don’t have a clue which songs he performed.

I stuck to my usual plan; get there early to see the end of the support set. This enables me to see the lighting and pick a good spot (or at least area). This is even more important in a small club with no “pit”. When photographing gigs, you only get the first 3 songs so you have to be quite quick and approximatly right from the start. After the 1st number I was joined by 2 other photographers covering the gig so they must have thought I had the right position also.

Anyway – 3 songs and out. Send the images up to the agency and done for the night. A sample: