Saturday I was in London, Oxford street to be precise and the street was held to a standstil by hundreds of bikers of all shapes and sizes. (Thats the bikes and thier riders!) As ever, camera in hand but no means of uploading to the wire (ok, in fact I could not be bothered to run back to the office). Here are a couple of shots. 

I spotted the “citizan smith” arm raised and walked out into the stationary traffic alone to take the shot. After shotting a couple of frames I turned to leave only to find 4 or 5 other photographers behind me. Funny thing was, before I had walked down the street and into the traffic they were fixed firmly to the pavement. The really annoying thing is I missed the shot; croping the logo on the riders back!

Yesterday it was off to Berlin for a quick meeting… out on the late Sunday, meeting all day, back on the late Monday. Really tiring; at least I did not have to drive to and from the airport.

Tonight, it’s Shannon Noll at the borderline club (his first UK Gig). Shots to follow.